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Update on the Website

It has been a bit since my last blog post. The website was such a pain in the bum to update, I just didn't bother writing.

Luckily, thanks to Joris, that is a think of the past.

Joris has spent time setting me up with a brand new website back end based on Eleventy. It means I can write my posts here in Markdown and not have to use pandoc to go to html and then update the site manually through it. It's all done with a handy-dandy script. Totally awesome.

So, that should mean that blog posts will be coming back as a weekly thing. I'll still release them early for patrons, which is something I've been slacking on lately, so check out there if you want to see posts early.

Also, check out Joris' site. He's got some great blog posts over there.

Hope everyone has a good week,