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The Perils of Linux Elitism

Season 4, Episode 12

On this episode of The Linux Cast, Martin and Matt discuss the effects so-called Linux Elitism has on new Linux Users.


What have we been up to Linux related this Week?

Martin– moving from Last pass to Bit warden

Matt**–** Getting mpd and ncmpcpp working. Next up neomutt.

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Links (One each)

Matt -

Martin – Septor

I have noticed that Septor (KDE & Tor anonymity) has risen to the top of the DistroWatch list for the last 30 days(not that counts for much), going to download it give it a quick check nothing full depth or tedious just a heads up for the listeners that may be interested”

Main Topic -

Elitism - Is there a danger of the Penguin Master Race

Apps of the Week

Matt -

Martin –