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Linux Mint VS Ubuntu - Which is Better for New Users?

Season 5, Episode 12

Matt and Tyler talk about new graphics cards, xmonad troubles, Ubuntu on mobile, Risc-V, and Mint vs Ubuntu. Which is better for new users? All that and our Apps of the week!

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**What have we been up to Linux related this Week?**

Tyler – Seeing what a Quadro can do on Linux. Matt – More fun with xmonad, but I think I'm done. Looking more at AwesomeWM.

**Links (One each)**

Matt -

Tyler -


**Main Topic -** Mint or Ubuntu: Which is Best for Noobs?


**Apps of the Week**

Matt - Splash-CLI

Tyler - LSD -


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23:12 Linux Mint vs Ubuntu

52:45 Apps of the Week

1:01:14 Conclusion