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Does Linux Need Anti-Virus Software?

Season 5, Episode 13

Matt and Tyler talk about Tyler's switch back to qtile, Matt's work with making his own stream deck, and whether or not Distrowatch is a terrible place. The main topic this week is about Linux and anti-virus software.

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[show notes]

**What have we been up to Linux related this Week?**

Tyler – Back to using Qtile as my daily driver

Matt – Messing with key mapper and my own little stream deck hack.

**Links (One each)**

Matt -

Tyler -


**Main Topic -** Does Linux Need AntiVirus?


**Apps of the Week**

Matt - enve -

Tyler - VSCodium -

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro

0:13 Our Week in Linux

7:30 Contact Info

8:47 News Links

22:43 Linux & AntiVirus Softwarew

41:11 Apps of the Week

48:23 Conclusion

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