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Is Telemetry Okay?

Season 5, Episode 19

On this one, Matt and Tyler talk about everything. We run the gamut from subscription fatigue to Mint being Mint to Gentoo to Telemetry and Audacity. It's a long wild ride, so buckle up.

Also, sorry that the audio isn't as good as normal. We had some OBS problems.

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**What have we been up to Linux related this Week?**

Tyler – Did more distro-hopping, because I truly do hate myself. I tried about 5 different distro's including Gentoo again, guess what I'm using now ;D

Matt – Kind of finished my new purple black and white DWM theme. Still needs some tweaks, but it's looking pretty good. Just in time for me to switch Window Managers, of course.

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**Main Topic - Is Telemetry Okay?


**Apps of the Week


Matt - Everdo

Tyler - Caffeine

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37:13 Is Telemetry Okay?

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