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Duplication of Effort on Linux - Good or Bad?

Season 5, Episode 27

Today Matt and Tyler talk about ElementaryOS, Snaps, Anti-Cheat, and Duplication of Effort on Linux. That and much more. This time in front of a live audience. (I will work on getting the chat up on these ones that were live, but couldn't do so this time).

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[Show Notes]

What have we been up to Linux-related this Week?

Tyler – Working on my eOS setup and planning my off-grid transition

Matt – Messing around with my mic set up. Needed a new boom arm, but it didn't fit anywhere, so I had to do some finagling.

NEWS Links (One each) (What's in the News?)

Matt -

Tyler -

Main Topic - Duplication of Effort

Questions and Answers

Apps of the Week

Matt - Deemix Gui

Tyler - tmpdwmryes -

Time Stamps 0:00 Intro & Our Week In Linux 10:26 Contact Info and Thoughts on Youtube 12:00 News of the Week and Snaps are Bad 47:06 Main Topic

1:03:11 Chat Q&A

1:17:14 Picks of the Week and Goodbye