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Too Sexy For Your Distro

Season 5, Episode 28

Matt and Tyler talk about Artix, Plan9, Gnome and GTK, Installing your own kernel, and why people are so loyal to their distros.

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[show notes]

**What have we been up to Linux related this Week?**

Tyler – I have been spending the week in 9front and now am trying to redo my desktop build and I'll be doing more with VM's

Matt – I've spent the week fighting with Artix. Non-systemd things don't like this computer. I've now installed opensuse.

NEWS Links (One each) (What's in the News?)

Matt -

Tyler -

Main Topic - My Distro is Better Than Your Distro

— Why people are so loyal to their distributions.

Apps of the Week

Matt - Pensela

Tyler - Mitch for Android