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Retro Gaming on Linux

Season 5, Episode 8

Matt and Martin celebrate Martin's last episode by talking about retro gaming on Linux.

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[show notes]

### **What have we been up to Linux

related this Week?**

Martin – Dusted off the Pi for some retro gaming :)

Matt – Been playing around with xmonad and gnome 40 some more. I've also been scripting some more, and I did my second live stream on youtube.

### **Links (One each)**

Matt -  [](

Martin - [](

[Valve's Proton 6.3-1 Adds Support for More Games, Improves PlayStation 5 Controller Support - 9to5Linux](


### **Main Topic - Retro Gaming on Linux**


### **Apps of the Week**

Matt - Bad Voltage


Martin - RetroArch [](