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Pop!OS Cosmic Desktop, Steam Deck is Winning, and Wins for the Fediverse

Season 6, Episode 34

Tyler and Matt discuss the delay of Twitter and Elon's shenanigans, Fosstodon, The Steam Deck and much more of this week's Linux news.

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[show notes]

Time Stamps (Video Version Only)

0:00 Pre-Show

7:54 Intro and Our Week in FOSS-ish

28:48 Contact Info

31:25 News Beginning

32:23 Steam on  ChromeOS

46:11 Sway and Fedora Spin

51:34 SteamDeck is Winning Linux

57:14 Twitter and Elon And Mastodon

1:09:05 Cosmic Desktop Updates

1:27:25 Thingies of the Week and Goodbyes #SuckItEmacs