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Eufy Security Problems and Mozilla in the Metaverse

Season 6, Episode 35

Tyler and Matt discuss Eufy's security issues and their horrid response, Mozilla's continued attempts to do things other than make a good browser, and some exciting stuff from XFCE!

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[show notes]

Time Stamps (Apply to the Video Version Only)

0:00 Pre Show

4:00 Intro and Our Week in FOSSish

14:57 Contact Info

16:51 The News

17:13 Apple MSeries Support Improves

21:22 Eufy Is Not Secure

30:52 XFCE Updates

36:01 Mozilla in the Metaverse

56:49 Steam Fixes EA's Mess (Again)

1:01:49 Apple Bails Out China

1:08:07 Thingies of the Week and Goodbyes