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New Steam Controller? KDE Tiling Window Manager? DEATH! To Google Maps

Season 6, Episode 36

Tyler and Matt discuss a new Steam Controller, KDE Default tiling, and Linux killing Google Maps? All that and more on our last episode of the year.

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[show notes]

Time Stamps (Video Version Only)

0:00 Pre-Show

8:40 Intro and Our Week in Tech

20:54 Contact Info

23:17 News of the Week

24:02 Linux Foundation Takes on Google Maps

39:16 KDE Tiling Goes Native

45:47 New Ubuntu Installer is the Same as the Old One

53:40 Steam Controller 2

1:02:30 Gnome File Picker Sucks Less

1:04:03 PineTab 2

1:13:12 Thingies of the Week and Goodbyes (Happy Holidays!)