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Ubuntu Cinnamon is Official, KDE Has Updates, and April Fools

Season 7, Episode 10

The boys are back with more Linux news, including another Ubuntu flavor, KDE Updates as per usual, and a rant about April fools.

(Sorry for the lackluster audio quality. We'll do better).

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==== Time Stamps ==== (Video Version Only)

0:00 Pre Show

12:20 Intro and Our Week in Linux

28:39 April Fools is Dumb

34:01 QT Creator 10 Released

36:59 More Bugs in Xorg

48:47 Wine Fixed Diablo 4 and Steve is Happy

51:37 Contact Info

55:34 Ubuntu Cinnamon Becomes an Official Flavor

1:09:48 Blend OS: Should it Exist?

1:23:56 KDE Fixes More Things

1:27:36 Chrome Adds More Codecs

1:32:47 Thingies of the Week and Goodbyes