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Fedora 38 is Here, Solus is Back from the Dead, Microsoft Loves Steam?

Season 7, Episode 12

Another week, another podcast! This week we talk about Fedora 38, Solus Linux's resurrection, and Microsoft wanting some Windows on our beloved Steam Decks.

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[show notes]

Time Stamps (Video Version Only)

0:00 Pre Show

6:06 Intro and Our Week in FOSS

19:08 Solus is Not Dead

30:23 OpenZFS Updated

34:08 Fedora 38 Released

40:21 Microsoft Making Windows for Steam Deck?

47:08 Contact Info

48:45 Flathub Updated Website

55:36 CentOS 7 is Dead, Please Update

1:03:57 Google Making Their Own Repos?

1:09:04 KDE Connect 2.0 Plans

1:19:16 Thingies of the Week and Goodbyes