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Linux Horror Stories

Season 7, Episode 36

Show Notes

The boys are back! This week we talk about times when Linux made us her bitch.

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[show notes] No Show Notes this week, sorry.

[Time Stamps] 0:00 Intro 2:07 Our Week in FOSS 2:11 Tyler's Week in FOSS 4:00 Steve's Week in FOSS 5:13 Matt's Week in FOSS 13:39 Josh's Week in FOSS 20:25 Linux Horror Stories 21:16 Tyler's First Horror Story 22:35 Steve's First Horror Story 26:58 Josh's First Horror Story 29:47 Matt's First Horror Story 38:25 Tyler's Second Story 41:53 Steve's Second Story 53:37 Josh's Second Story 57:58 Matt's Second Story 1:03:55 Nuggies of the Week 1:04:13 Tyler's Nuggie of the Week 1:06:29 Steve's Nuggie of the Week 1:09:45 Josh's Nuggie of the Week 1:12:41 Matt's Nuggie of the Week 1:14:40 Contact Info and Goodbyes