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Fedora 38 and Flathub, Logitech Nerfed, and Fedora on Mac

Season 7, Episode 5

The boys are back for an action packed episode with Fedora opening up to Flathub and coming to the Mac, Gnome getting better, and more!

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==== Time Stamps ====  (video only)

0:00 Pre Show

6:03 Intro and Our Week in FOSS

23:30 Gnome Adding Method to Track Background Apps

28:28 Logitech Mice Get Nerfed

33:48 Framework Makes SteamDeck SSD

36:15 Contact Info

38:37 Fedora on the Mac?

41:50 Touch Bar Software in the Kernel?

46:43 Fedora 38 and FlatHub

1:07:43 Thingies of the Week and Goodbyes