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Ubuntu Hates on Flatpaks, Linus Does Linus Things, and KDE Gets Better (again)

Season 7, Episode 6

The boys are back to talk about the Linux news of the week, including Ubuntu saying no to Flatpaks, Linus ranting about things, and KDE getting more better. That and more!

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==== Time Stamps ==== (video only)

0:00 Pre Show

9:35 Intro and Our Week in FOSS

26:14 The News

26:28 Linux 6.2 Released

30:22 Linux 6.3 Brings More Controller Support

35:21 Chrome Fixes Memory and Battery Issues

43:41 Real Time Ubuntu Announced

48:12 Contact Info

48:56 KDE and Multi Monitor Support

55:05 Linode is No More...Kinda

59:49 Linus Does As Linus Usually Does

1:14:47 Ubuntu Flavors Turn Away from Freedom

1:37:44 Thingies of the Week and Goodbyes